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ʹ One-Point Cut (OPC Ampoule)
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˹á żԵѳ آҾ ǡѺ Դ
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ʹ One-Point Cut (OPC Ampoule)

͹Դʹ One-Point Cut (OPC Ampoule)

- ÷ӤҴͺʹ¡æ 紴š
- ǹͧʹ ҷҧҹšѺŧҹҧ

Դʹ One-Point Cut (OPC Ampoule) 2 Ը Ѵ

1. Դʹ¡ѡ͡ (Snap back method)

1.1. Ѻʹ çѺش

1.2. ա˹觨Ѻǹͧʹ ѧҾ

1.3. çǹͧʹ仴ҹѧ

2. Դʹ¡ѡ (Snap forward method)

2.1. Ѻʹ çѺش

2.2. ա˹觨Ѻǹͧʹ ѧҾ

2.3. çǹͧʹҵ

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